General Course Vision

Through this course, you will…

  • activate an opportunity to learn more about Black radical scholarly, activist, and cultural traditions as grounded in the lived experiences of African Americans;
  • develop an understanding of critical social theories that explain African Americans’ relationship to the broader African diaspora and the long durée of racism, and;
  • engage through class projects and virtual conversations that will help anchor and transform your comprehension of course content.

Skills and Competencies

Black Phoenix Rising will activate all four competencies of Mapping, Expressing, Mining, and Engaging.

Mapping: Navigating Complex Environments.

  • This course will map bodies of knowledge and social practices across academic disciplines, creative fields, and diverse social contexts.

Expressing: Writing and Communication.

  • This course will feature multiple modes of human expression and communication in fiction and non-fiction texts and cultural artifacts to convey course content.

Mining: Empirical Analysis and Interpretation.

  • This course will offer a reinterpretation of the social history of African Americans’ resistance to death through an excavation of texts and social artefacts in a curated archive.

Engaging: Negotiating Cultural Contexts.

  • This course will engage an urgent collective need to confront what racism has done and continues to do to societies and invite students to negotiate cultural contexts in ways that work to abolish racism.