Course Schedule

The course will run for six weeks, beginning March 7.

Week 1: March 7 – March 13
Introductions, the Syllabus, and Phoenix Stories

Week 2: March 14 – March 20
FIRE: Threat Analysis, #BlackLivesMatter, and Black Radical Praxis
The element of fire signifies the phoenix in a hot and inflamed state, fanning its flaming wings.

Week 3: March 21 – March 27
WIND: Shadows of Tomorrow, Practices of Fugitivity, and Healing Movements
The element of wind signifies the phoenix in an active state of migration, marronage, and fugitivity.

Week 4: March 28 – April 3
EARTH: Replanting Resistance, Black Radical Ecologies, and Signs of Regeneration
The element of earth signifies the phoenix in its smoldering ashen state, having exhausted its flames, now returning to the soil.

Week 5: April 4 – April 10
WATER: Rememory, Makeshift Memorials, and Rest
The element of water signifies the phoenix in a cool state of incubation, memory, and restful enclosure within an egg.

Week 6: April 11 – April 17
End Times? Seeking Closure and Community in the Midst of Chaos